lunedì 24 ottobre 2016

I've gone into labour.

Oops, sorry, that's bad gramar.
I meant I've woken up and it is Labour Day.

Labour Day is a public holiday in New Zealand that commemorates the eight-hour working day initiated by the labour union movement over a century ago. It is celebrated on the fourth Monday in October each year.

Today the Prowse Brothers have a practice for a one off gig. We're planning to perform next Sunday at Johnsonvale Rest Home.

To be honest it's not a venue that successful musicians get excited about playing at. We're playing there to celebrate Aunty's 97th birthday.

Aunty last year, turning 96.

Daryl will do some tunes with his wife and kids and us boys (well, 4 of us) will play about 4 tunes.
I'll throw in the Orange Blossom Special - I need to get the boys to play it faster than last time we did it.

One brother said that no one clapped last time we played there and that the old people were smart and probably had a better taste in music but couldn't get away - or something like that.
To step things up this year we will attempt a work by Karlheinz Stockhausen.


Obviously we won't be playing in helicopters because I don't like flying. Anyway, hiring four helecopters would be quite expensive. We'll just play it in the rest home. I'll play violin and the other boys will transcribe their parts for two guitars and double bass. We won't be taking the cheat's way out and just make bits up because it is a freaky piece and hard for people to remember - not with those musically savy old people listening. We probably will put the cello part down an octave though, so that the bass part isn't too high. The other two tunes we'll keep simple for the nursing staff.

Well, that's it from me before I really go into labour.
I hope you've got a day off from whatever you do.
Hi to Christine and hi to Abby.
Hi to ex-Clive, The Curmudgeon, Robert and Bin Hire.
Sorry if I've left anybody out. Thank goodness my reading audience isn't too much bigger!
I mean, thanking readers could take ages.

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Geremy ha detto...

The brilliance of Stockhausen!
The music in an old folks home no. But it works like a sound track in the helicopters, even matching the beat of the rotors!

ex-Clive ha detto...

If you really must use helicopters, I think another Richard had it all over Karl:

Richard (of RBB) ha detto...

Good point ex-Clive