domenica 16 ottobre 2016

Letter to the Corinthians.

Hi Corinthians,
I hope all are well in Corinth. I'm writing from near Ephesus. Well, to be honest, a little bit further south.
Just thought I'd share a few things because I think you guys down up in Corinth could use a little guidance. I hope you're all being nice to each other. I know Paul was giving you advice a little while back, but he's probably a bit out of date. We have panadol now and it is good for relieving pain, like headaches and mild fevers. It also works if you drink too much wine. Hey, I also wanted to advise you that hygene is very important. Wash your hands well before preparing food and after going to the toilet. I'm not too sure where you are up to with toilets, but make sure that they don't discharge their contents into your drinking water supply. Believe me this is very important advice. I don't know why Paul didn't make it a priority when he was sending you letters. Jesus should have told him that.
Well, I'll leave it there for today. Treat each other with respect and remember to wash your hands.

Richard (of RBB)

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THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

Nice to see that Sunday morning brings out a little christian spirit in you.

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

And probably Monday morning sweated it all ot again.

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