lunedì 24 ottobre 2016

No longer second fiddle!

PBs practice today and Robert showed up.
We played three pieces and then Rob pulled out a stunner.
He played the lead and I accompanied him on second fiddle.
Forget my last post and any attempts to play Stockhausen!
Robert crafted a beautiful melody and the rest of us boys fell in behind.

What a great tone he produced! What a lovely piece!
I don't think there will be any complaints at next Sunday's gig.
This lovely piece will be our climax.
Well done Rob.

3 commenti:

Geremy ha detto...

molto grazie, but I thought the climax in this number, was your beautifully improvised 16 bar solo.

Richard (of RBB) ha detto...

Let's just say that, together, we knocked the bugger over; to sort of quote Edmond Hillary.

Geremy ha detto...