sabato 31 dicembre 2016


Last day of the year.
The lawns are done and practice is sort of up to date.
I've been working on "All The Things You Are" on my three instruments.

I don't know what the new year holds performance wise.
I do have a gig in October.

I'm not too sure yet when I'll finish work - it all depends on finances.

I bought this car twice this year.

I've also got a guy who is hopefully going to prepare and paint the worst two sides of our house.

Wrong colour buddy
So it all adds up.

I won't be hitting the town tonight, and that's fine by me.
Those days are over. Long gone.
Those days of going out with The Curmudgeon, Tony, Noel and Mike in the hope of picking up women.
We all have a regular woman now.
Anyway, that was the worst picking up women team ever put together.
I'm talking the 1970s here.

Today is my 624th day in a row of studying Italian with Duolingo.

I'm a slow learner.

New year's resolutions?
I have none.
No, that's a nun.
However, there will be more practice, more Italian and more jobs to do.
Don't worry, I'll keep you posted here on Richard's Bass Bag.*

Good luck for next year.

* the original bass bagging site

3 commenti:

Twisted Scottish Bastard ha detto...

I thought you ruff, tuff Kiwis painted your own houses.

Must be the Italian influence

Geremy ha detto...

He will not be bored. He has to learn the Beriot!

Richard (of RBB) ha detto...

Tuff? No. A quitter? No.
Beriot? Bury it.
Play with Ronert? Yes.