martedì 27 dicembre 2016

It's all about me.

Sometimes I get Shelley to take photos of me - like when I'm holding my bass or standing in front of my Italian flag. She is always very obliging and does her very best. She has many wonderful qualities and always amazes me with how genuinely caring she is for people. I have to be honest though and say that, when it comes to using modern technology, she is not a front runner.
Having her take a photo can be a little frustrating as you wait for her to answer the question,
"How does this thing work?"

On Christmas day we do a thing where everybody who comes brings a $10 present. These are given out to guests by pulling names from a hat. This year one gift was left behind.

Shelley's picture taking days may be over.
For anyone around my age who doesn't know, it's called a selfie stick. With this device you can just keep taking pictures of yourself.

You can do all angles, the trick being to keep your selfie stick arm out of shot.
For example, you couldn't take pictures of yourself actually playing a double bass.
You can see in the above picture how I have cleverly kept the selfie stick out of shot. People could easily be tricked into thinking that my right hand is empty and that someone climbed up a ladder to take this shot.
The down side is that people might think,
"Richard (of RBB) is a self centered bastard, and fancy sending poor Shelley up a ladder in a slightly dangerous location to take that photo!"
Well, before you jump to conclusions, I was in fact holding a selfie stick.

* * *

Hey, very sorry to hear that The Curmudgeon has been a bit unwell. All of us here at Richard's Bass Bag* wish him a speedy recovery. Take care old fella. You're in our thoughts.

* the original bass bagging site

8 commenti:

Twisted Scottish Bastard ha detto...

Good gift.
You could always use it to beat 9G into submission.

Sorry to hear TC is unwell.

Did he overindulge ... again?

Richard (of RBB) ha detto...

Shingles, poor bugger.

Twisted Scottish Bastard ha detto...

Poor lad, he'll need plenty of support.
Why don't you send him your inflatable Jesus, I'm sure he'll appreciate it.

BTW, Noticed that Geremy has removed his blog again. Some thing never change

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

How's that selfie stick going?
For some reason, you with the selfie stick reminds me of the opening scene in Kubrick's 2001 A Space Odyssey.

Richard (of RBB) ha detto...

I've only used it once. I'm afraid that, if I over use it, I might start taking pictures of my dinner next.

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

Pre digestion?

Richard (of RBB) ha detto...

That would be the plan.

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

Right. I just wondered, with that stick and all.