mercoledì 29 marzo 2017

That's Wednesday done.

Tuesday and Wednesday are my biggest days and, I know I'm showing my age but, I'm completely knackered when they are done.

Secondo te cosa vuol dire?

Actually, I meant more like this.

Molto stanco.
Stasera my plan is to get some quality contrabbasso practice done.
Hard when you're tired

and there is Chardonnay available.

Well I suppose that, if the worse comes to the worse, I can always have a few conversations with Robert on social media a little later.

Things can always be deleted Thursday morning.

martedì 28 marzo 2017

An interesting sentence, if you translate it word by word.

Secondo te cosa vuol dire?

Second, you, thing, wants, to say?

domenica 19 marzo 2017

We have a mouse.

I spotted him (or her, but let's call her him for simplicity) while I was doing some bass practice this morning.
He came out of our bedroom and bolted towards the kitchen, staying close to a wall in the hope of remaining undetected; but I saw him.
I've bought some traps but I will gain no pleasure from using them. If he used the toilet, like the rest of us flatmates, he wouldn't really pose much of a problem. Except that it would be hard for him to turn on the tap to wash his paws.
It's just not that good that he is choosing to shit in a cupboard under the kitchen sink.
Personally I would not do that and don't wish others to either.

* * *

We bought a new laptop today to replace the HP that died last week, so that I can keep bringing you pleasure with my thoughts on Richard's Bass Bag.*
It's called a Lenovo.

It looks pretty much like any other laptop.

The best part The fucking most frustrating part is that it has Windows 10.
I mean, you can't just go to 'Documents', you have to search for it.
Anyway, I've got everything working.
The Curmudgeon advised me to get a Mac. I'm sure he is right but they are a little out of my present budget. Wine drinking eats into my budget, but wine drinking is pretty essential after you've set up a computer; and especially if you're going to be replying to Robert's Facebook posts.

I especially liked that Holy Ghost post.
Well, that's it from me on this fine Nuova Lazio Sunday.
Make the best of your late afternoon because Monday approaches - quickly.

* the original bass bagging site

sabato 18 marzo 2017

Computer death and the unseen dangers of conga lines.

"Why won't you work? My many fans are expecting a post!"
I'm writing this on an old computer I use for work. I'm using this old computer because our main computer died the other day.


I played a St Patrick's day gig last night.

That's me standing at the back playing fiddle.
At some point in the evening the punters formed a conga line.

Shelley was in it and twisted her hip.
She was in a bit of pain.
At about 6.30am, after I had sobered up from the Paddy's night gig, I took her to A & E.
It turned out to be just a sprain.

This afternoon I finished off a floor for a shed. (not my shed)
It rained and I got wet. Now I'm a bit buggered.
Ah, but nothing a vino won't fix.

"I'll have the Chardonnay please."

domenica 12 marzo 2017

Wet day in Nuova Lazio.

Fortunately none of our outside chairs blew over.

This only happens way up north.

In fact, there's not much wind. Just rain.
Lots of rain.

Robert is spending his wet days checking out Besame Mucho.

For some reason brother Chris has commanded him to play it in Am. Well, it's a pretty easy tune to play in any key, but a very nice tune.
That's a pretty literal translation on the chart. "Kiss me a lot" might have worked better.
I mean, you wouldn't say in English, "Kiss me much."
Just like you probably wouldn't say, "Need a pee , do I."
Unless you were Yoda from Star Wars.

"Much I need kissing."
Well, that's it from me today.
Enjoy your Sunday.

giovedì 9 marzo 2017

It's a wrap!

I gave Shelley a couple of pre birthday presents today. She wasn't too impressed by my wrapping skills. One was wrapped by a lady shop assistant and one by me.
QUIZ: Can you guess which one I wrapped and which one the shop assistant wrapped?
Only people with an extremely high IQ will get this right.

mercoledì 8 marzo 2017


Big class sizes don't help - 41 in my Year 9 class.

Glad I'm retiring before 2037.

domenica 5 marzo 2017

La storia del capannone.

E` facile costuire un capannone di giardino? Un capannone metallo con un milione di viti? No. No. No. No. Non è facile. E` un incubo. Si deve cercare di seguire il libro di piano. In Cinese? Quasi. Costuire un capannone metallo fa venire voglia di piangere. Poi, quando si è quasi riusciti, si scopre che il basso in legno è la dimensione sbagliata. Tu dici, "Gesù Cristo!" Ma non si sta pregando. Se c'è un Dio, lei (sì lei) dovrebbe fare un peccato di vendere i capannoni metalli!

venerdì 3 marzo 2017

Capannone parte III domani.

Beh, in realtà un capannone di giardino.

Mi scusi per esagerare.