sabato 17 giugno 2017

15 days to go.

Then a gig in Upper Hutt with the PBs.

Rumours have been circulating for some time of a possible PBs reunion concert. All five brothers have now categorically confirmed that they are putting their individual music careers (and any past differences) on hold to come together for a one off concert at Mainly Acoustic.

The PBs’ first introduction to music was at St Mary’s Convent in Hill Street, Wellington, but the brothers soon grew tired of sitting Royal College music exams and headed off on their own individual musical journeys. The journeys were varied. Chris discarded classical piano for a guitar and a Beatle wig, Richard up-sized from violin to double bass, Robert tried out the drums but rightly returned to the violin, Rodney swapped Mozart minuets for any song by The Band and Daryl learnt to play another thirteen instruments besides piano.

The PBs perform a blend of their own individual music, with each brother usually getting a turn up front (this keeps everyone happy). So expect lots of different instruments, perhaps some country, perhaps some swing, and even some folk.

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Geremy ha detto...

If only we were that handsome!

Richard (of RBB) ha detto...

We are. That's us.