martedì 13 giugno 2017

18 days to go.

Tuesday is always a long day for me at Nuova Lazio High School and today was no different. We have 1hr 35m spells four days a week and, on a Tuesday, I get three of these plus a 40m manaaki spell (what used to be called a form class).
I get my big year 9 class last. This class has enough idiots to make it very hard work.

Our school should have banned disruptive students and
kept the dogs (see my last post).
Anyway Bad Tuesday will only happen three more times.
This is a day when Robert's Holy Spirit could have helped out.

I'm waiting on the Holy Spirit
Thumbing for a ride
Waiting for the Holy Spirit
I hear he will provide.

"Sorry old school teacher
Keep your nose to the grind
Even Holy Spirits have limits
We don't go near Year 9s."

Well, thanks a lot Holy Spirit!

"Those Year 9s are fucking trouble.
The old boy's on his own."

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Geremy ha detto...

I over heard a conversation as we had tea with a client, my mind wanders during such occasions; but I zoned in on how a teacher now taught at a Prysbeterian school St O'Briens or such and was amazed how well behaved the students were. Sitting up straight, on time, ready to learn!

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

Probably St Oran's
I can't imagine a press button school being named O'Brien's - that would be catholic.

Geremy ha detto...

Yes you are right.

Richard (of RBB) ha detto...

St O'Brien was a bit like Brother Ass. He was known as Brother Penis.

Geremy ha detto...
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