domenica 6 agosto 2017

Appliance break down time.

Our dishwasher broke down last week.

Not me or Shelley, the machine. 
I spent a day trying to fix it. I failed.

Today it was the telephone.

I checked all the plugs, et cetera, but no luck. Failed again.
I spoke to some nice chap who might have been in India. He said someone was on the job but I'd have to be home tomorrow in case he needs to call. 
Knowing my luck, I'll get a ring from a school and will have to turn it down - not good form for a reliever. It costs $139 if the fault is not at their end. Whoever put together the Universe I'll be pissed off if a school calls. At the moment I'm between jobs* and I need to start turning a buck or two.
Yes, there is the pension kicking in in about four weeks.

I've got money on the fridge going next - well, it has been playing up for a while.

Well, it could always be worse. Sorry to moan and not give you a story like John and Herman sit on the couch or The Temperature Machine.
I guess even a bass update would have been more fun - and I have a few lined up.
Anyway, I'll get on with that story about John and Herman.

* if I don't make it as a musician in these Autumn years my next real job could be cleaning the sewerage system in Heaven

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THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

I sympathise.
Our phone system crapped out a couple of weeks ago.
I bought a new one -cordless with only two handsets this time and installed it. All OK but then the phone line crapped out. I contacted Sparks and got the same response that you did. They wanted me to disengage the broadband but the old girl was using it for work so I said forget it. The phone line came back on the next day but it's really crackly. I think I'll just give up using it.
The bread maker crapped out two weeks ago.
Thankfully we don't have a TV or that would no doubt crap out.
I think these appliances have a self-destruct function that triggers as soon as the owners stop earning and are on fixed income.

Richard (of RBB) ha detto...

È vero. Two more sleeps.

Robert ha detto...

As a bonus to living in an ex surgery I get complimentary copies of New Zealand Memories for my waiting room.
Life was really hard for most people up until the sixties. We've lived in a great age but my belief is that it is now over.
I have no delusions about retirement. Many of the luxuries I have will not be affordable.
But life is about preparing for the kingdom of God. God has something great in store ...

Richard (of RBB) ha detto...

Does God run a store? Something like a warehouse? Did God, by any chance, set up Murray Roberts?

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

There's a thought. I guess that Robert has a discount card or a loyalty card for god's store.
Maybe we could use it. I hope it provides better bargains than the Super Gold card (which I received on Friday).
This 'something great in store' that god has - is it like a weekly mystery special? I hope that it's garden tools. I need new garden tools.