domenica 13 agosto 2017

Testore Trio Update.

The Testore Trio is putting together a sampler of its repertoire. As you may know, I play the three instruments that will be in the trio, so I'm going into the studio in about a week's time to put down all the parts - playing with myself. Suonare con me stesso.

I have it all planned out and I'm stepping up the practice.
1. Nightingale
Violin tune
B section A section (D7 last bar)
2. L’Addio a Napoli
Violin tune – last 9 bars
Solo A B A - violin
2nd ½ tune violin
(last bar E7)
3. Fly me to the moon
Quick swing
1st half guitar, 2nd half violin
1st time ending (last bar pause on A7)
4. Love Theme from The Godfather
A section double bass tune B section violin tune A section double bass tune
5. Bye Bye Blackbird
1x violin
6. Oh Mio Babbino Caro
1x violin
7. SGB
1x violin
8. Santa Lucia
G major – v v ch violin to A7
9. The Immigrants (feature)
Tune guitar & Bass
Tune violin & Bass with guitar chords
Solos: violin x2, guitar x2, double bass x2
Tune violin & Bass with guitar chords
Violin repeats last 8 – solo rubato
Guitar and double bass join on final chord

I've tried to combine Italian tunes with popular old time jazz standards. There will be a lot of improvising when the trio plays (on the Italian tunes as well). I've also thrown in four originals that seem to go down well at concerts. The repertoire contains 24 tunes.
When we play I hope to have il mio vecchio amico Wade sulla chitarra. Mio Figlio George is lined up suonare contrabbasso. I want all three members to have plenty of room to do their thing when we play. You'll notice that there is a lot of violin in the sampler. Think of the violin as being like a singer - it's all about getting a consistent sound for the sampler.

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Robert ha detto...

May you fill your heart with song and sing forever more;
For you are all I long for, worship and adore.

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

Nice that you finish with that Led Zeppelin song. It rocks it up a bit.