domenica 17 dicembre 2017


What do you know about the Theory of Evolution?
For some of the answer might be, "Not much."

Give THIS a read, there's a video too.

I'm pleased to report that we had a special meeting of The Bass Bagging Confederation earlier this morning and I think it went pretty well.
I think that, to move forward, some of us need to move away from the notion that individuals within the Confederation can be 'corrected' by a visit from Baxter.

Generally speaking, all members' views are respected and talking is a better approach than threatening a sword in the throat. One thing that came out of the meeting was that members thought that the Confederation needed a deputy leader. To show my quick, effective leading style I acted on this.
I have appointed Angry Jesus to the post of Deputy Leader of The Bass Bagging Confederation. With His experience in running a large organisation before He seemed the most qualified for the job.

New BBC Deputy Leader
Angry Jesus.
Congratulations Angry Jesus and I look forward to working with You to make this Confederation a smooth running and all inclusive blogging machine.

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