venerdì 19 gennaio 2018

Blogging News - Friday 19th January.

Good to see Robert back, even though it's only as a commentator.

As The Curmudgeon says, his popping in is almost like a godly presence. Or someone returning from beyond the grave. Sort of like in Star Wars when the old dead Jedi masters show up to give advice.

Thanks to Bin Hire for filling the void left by Robert's blog disappearing. Bin wishes to express that his new posting style is not an attempt to lampoon Robert (The Bible Basher). He just took some of Robert's ideas as a starting point - as an inspiration. That's a compliment to the success of Robert's blog and how it is missed.

I can't imagine anyone bothering to copy The Curmudgeon Inc. style.

The Curmudgeon who leads
a weird group of old men.
Do you remember how, at the start, all The Curmudgeons were taking a turn at writing posts. Then they all buggered off on holiday. It seems some came back but the rest are probably sitting around scratching themselves. This is a top heavy organisation, if ever I've seen one.

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THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

No, more like an ungodly presence.

Having Robert as a commentator is like having the refuse and recycle collection guys deliver rather than pick up.

Angry Jesus ha detto...

Ha ha TheCurmudgeon, you're such a funny guy! Tell us again about that outside chair blowing over.

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

Robert's stirring.
Look out for his new blog 'A Composer's Journey'

*Coming Soon*

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

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