giovedì 18 gennaio 2018

It takes two to tango, except if you're a Curmudgeon - then it takes about twenty to tango.

So, as I said at the beginning of my last post, Robert's blog is gone and The Curmudgeonly Boys are trying to claim Different Time Zone Bill as one of their own - as if them haven't got enough members  already, and as if The Curmudgeon doesn't struggle to keep them all posting. The Curmudgeon needs to learn that good blogging is about quality and not quantity. He has this system going where all their posts (when they do post) show up on The Curmudgeon's blog. I guess his blog is a bit like a stage where different characters walk in one by one and say their piece.

"And next up we have The Tall Curmudgeon! Please give a 
round of applause for The Tall Curmudgeon!"

Robert's blog has disappeared before. I suspect that this time he is not happy with me. We had a few exchanges over the PBs - the band I started with my brothers (including him). Ironically the idea behind the band was to keep all the brothers in contact. I repeat, all the brothers. We've always had this thing between the boys that, if one brother upsets another, they both have to get over it quickly. I hope Robert intends to play to this unwritten rule and does not isolate himself.
So what went wrong with the five man PBs?
This band pulled together five people who had evolved their music in different ways. Some were music readers, some were not. Improvisation was an important part of the band. By this I mean you have to listen to the music and try to fit into the style of each tune. Some of the boys have done a lot of gigging and have a pretty good idea where the performance bar should be set. Because of experience, or lack of it, in various genres some music styles are not going to work with this band. Bebop, Funk, Barbershop and Chamber Music would be four obvious examples.
For a while the band struggled to find common ground and to gel, but things are pretty well sorted now and everyone in the band seems happy. Except that we are now a four piece.
Robert says he suffers from performance anxiety (I hope I represented what he said correctly - apologies if that is not so). This is probably the main reason why he has twice chosen to leave the PBs.
Fair enough.
You are supposed to enjoy playing music.
I guess I'm a bit protective of the PB's band. To me it is more important as a brotherly thing than any attempt to be the best band around. However, one should always strive to make things the best they can be. I repeat that some brothers have more gigging experience and ultimately these brothers will float to the top as leaders.

I love this! The poor guy who made it up didn't realise
that the stars are much further away than the moon.

Robert did take a few subtle pot shots at the PBs, and my replies were probably what upset him.
I hope he reinstates his blog because otherwise I'll just be reading about outside furniture blowing over in the wind up north and how many windows The Curmudgeon has in his house.
It takes two to tango.

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Bin Hire ha detto...

While Robert is gone I'll be writing posts in a similar style to him, just to fill the void.
I'll concentrate on wacky religious stuff to give The Curmudgeon something to moan about.
I'll also talk about family situations and cleaning (I've just got a cleaning job to make it all a bit real).
Just to remind you that I'm just doing a job, these posts will be labelled 'Fill the void', followed by a number.

Bin Hire ha detto...

Two posts already. I feel I'm really getting into the swing of it!

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

How about some poetry like what Robert wrote
Stuff that rhymes and maybe written on a boat
Spelling optional as will be grammar sense and scanning
And to keep the rhyme and theme going think about manning
That boat
With a scrote
Like the Ancient Mariner.

Robert ha detto...

Seems my invisibility has added interest to the blogging community!

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

"Seems my invisibility has added interest to the blogging community!"

Maybe all that praying you've done has enabled you to transcend to another state - invisibility.

Keep it up - next step is omnipotence.

Bin Hire ha detto...

My 'Fill the void' posts are not intended to be imitations of other blogs. They are like a parallel universe.