mercoledì 10 gennaio 2018

It's in the eye of the beholder?

Here's a lovely picture of The Curmudgeon's deck up north.

Wow, what a view!
I bet a few of you long time readers of the bag will recognise that chair! Okay, there are actually two of them, but I'm talking about the one near the steps. It's the one that blew over in a storm a few years back. Okay, any younger readers around here are probably thinking, "So what?"
Well, the falling over of this chair once prompted a post. I think it was at a time when nothing much was happening up north. I seem to remember that, at the time, we were getting lots of posts about windows and hills. This was in a simpler time before The Curmudgeon became The Curmudgeon Rugby Team, or whatever the multi Curmudgeons are known as now.

Oops, no these guys are too young to be Curmudgeons.
Did you notice this thing in the photo?

I think it's some sort of Medieval barbeque. Well, the far north is hardly a leader in modern technology.
Okay, if I were to ask you what it reminded you of, what would you say?
Let's make this multichoice, like in the tests we had in the 1960s when The Curmudgeon was at school. Just for you younger readers - answer e) in these 1960s multichoice tests was always 'none of these'. I guess it was put there to give students an easy way out when things got too hard.

Anyway, here we go.

Study the picture below and choose the most correct answer from the five multichoice answers.

What does this remind you of?
a) a fat man in an unusual hat with a big mouth on his tummy
b) a tea pot
c) a penis
d) a regular barbeque, like the ones you see in Mitre 10
e) none of these

Simply type the letter next to your choice of the correct answer in the commenti below.

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