lunedì 5 febbraio 2018

Composing Music 2.

Okay, it's just before 7am. Time to start.

My tools are ready:


Manuscript paper (the feet aren't
supposed to be in the shot)



I often like to start with chords when composing. My other two options would be to start with melody or rhythm, but it's quite nice to construct a melody over a nice group of chords.
There are two ways to find a chord progression:
  • Pick random chords by using your ear. 
  • Use your knowledge of chord families.
Perhaps I'll do a bit of both, but I will certainly be using a bit of knowledge of chords. I'm going to pick a key that works pretty well on the guitar. I'd also like to avoid everything being in 8 bar phrases - just to get a bit out of my comfort zone.
Time to grab the guitar.

* * *

Okay, that took about half an hour and I've got something. It's a little weird in places and turned out to be 12 bars long (which is pretty conventional). I dropped a few slightly unusual chords in - remember I was trying to get out of my comfort zone.

Here's a rough recording:

Okay, that's me for today.

After Breakfast: I sat down to play the cords through one more time and a little 6 bar bridge came to mind. So, imagine the 'A' section, then this new 'B' section followed by the 'A' section again.

The B section is | C   | Cm   | Bm7   | E7   | Am7   | D7sus4  D7   |

Pretty conventional, but it seems to work.

Later that same day.

Damn, I just sat down and wrote the tune - didn't mean to do that. It's a little freaky but it seems to work.