giovedì 1 febbraio 2018

Wind, wheelie bins and recycle bins.

As I write this we have no power – fortunately this laptop has a battery. It says it is 81% charged. We’ve just had some very strong winds. This means that wheelie bins blow over and recycling that is not somehow weighed down goes everywhere. For some reason all this shit tends to blow onto our property.

I looked out the window, as I had some lunch, to see that out section was covered in other people’s shit. And I mean shit! And I mean covered! I grabbed our bin, which was stored away safely, a shovel and a pair of rubber gloves. One idiot (incidentally a pastor of a strange church) had wrapped virtually nothing in his bin. I picked up an unwrapped woman’s sanitary pad, lots of toilet rolls (that unwashed hands had touched after a shit), unwrapped stale sandwiches, meat chops, cat food wrappers and much, much more. I cleaned up our end of the grove.

I’m not looking out the window, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the pastor’s bin has blown over again. I had originally moved it away from the grove, up a track – I don’t give a fuck if it misses an empty, anyway a lot of his shit is now in my bin. I threw another neighbour’s recycling bin in between some shrubs – it’s empty now anyway.

Okay, things do blow over. We have been warned of impending strong winds. This should make people think of what might happen to their bin full of unwrapped shit. I mean, do you want all your neighbours to see your used sanitary pad? I certainly don’t want to see or deal with it. People should be responsible for their bins that they put out on the street.

Then Shelley rings our landline. I can’t answer it, so I hop in my car to drive down the road to use my cell phone (bad coverage at home). I see the Low Cost Bins guy coming up the grove and wait patiently for him to pick up a bin, as there is not enough room for two vehicles. A guy comes up to him and starts talking. This wanker is blocking me in but he just ignores me and chats on. It takes a bit to upset me these days (remember I was a teacher in a low decile school) my I think this is very rude and inconsiderate.

Here's a closeup.

I think this guy is a rubbish truck driver because he’s too much of a moron to get a better job and he probably feels sorry for himself. He was probably a right little shit at school and stole other kids’ lunches. I hope he has a shit day, every day, for the next few weeks.
I hope The Curmudgeon is alright up north. I hope no outside chairs have blown over.

Oh, and The Curmudgeon sent me THIS, which I thought was really funny!

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THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

Yep, Steve Coogan's song matches those guys alright.
We've been having big winds up here. Being hot and muggy at the same time is a hassle as it's impossible to have doors and windows open so it's been really stuffy. I did leave the bedroom window open and then it rained getting the bloody carpet wet so now I've got a dehumidifier going to dry out the atmosphere in the room before Lynn arrives tomorrow.

re rubbish, I agree with you. Individual responsibility is lacking with some idiots. I don't put the rubbish and recycle out if the weather's bad - it can always wait another week. we don't seem to generate as much shit as other people around - I think it's because we try and avoid buying stuff in plastic and polystyrene wrapping. Maybe.

Time for a wine. Maybe.

Richard (of RBB) ha detto...

Waiting for Shelley. Went into a bar for a house Chardonnay. $10.50. No city for old men.

Richard (of RBB) ha detto...

I forgot to say Wellington. Shelley is at Circa. A bloody long wait.