sabato 31 marzo 2018


Okay, both The Curmudgeon and I did an online Asperger's test and it appears that we both haven't got it. That doesn't make us normal. We are, after all, two uomini anziani  who spend too much time on blogs that about three people read, often writing for imaginery people that we invented.*

The Curmudgeon questioned the accuracy of these online tests - HERE.

I hope he's wrong because I did an online IQ test the other day and scored 132.
I did a bit of research and discovered that people put different labels on actual scores.
Words indicated of different scores include (in no particular order):
  • genius
  • gifted
  • moron
  • dullness
  • near genius
  • retarded
  • average intelligence
  • fucking idiot

There are probably a lot of important qualities that IQ tests don't measure (ability to love, compassion, instinct), so don't get too worried if you try one of these online tests and your score is lower than mine. On second thoughts, start worrying if you score around 65. Though you can't do much about it and, if your score was this low, you probably couldn't turn on a computer to do the test so you don't know your score.

So there you have my thoughts for today. I don't think there are many of us who can comfortably claim the title NORMAL, so just do your best and try to be nice to people.

* I said 'we' but I really meant 'he' - I'm more like his support person

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