sabato 3 marzo 2018

Saturday Night Live at Richard's Bass Bag.*

Richard (of RBB): Hi. I'm sitting here this evening and chilling out with my old friends Bin Hire, Angry Jesus and The The The Guy.

[audience applauses]

Richard (of RBB): Today was a bit frustrating because I was unable to post our new theme song.
Angry Jesus: I always liked "The Lord is my Shepherd."
Bin Hire: I've always liked Shepherd's Pie.
The The The Guy: No Bin, The The what The The Angry Jesus is The The The The talking The The about The The here is very important The The, and The The not to be The The made lite The The of. He's The The talking The The The The The The about The The how baby The The Jesus came to The The Earth (aka The The Jasper) to The The save us The The all.
Angry Jesus: I find you bloody hard to understand but thanks for the support; sort of.
Bin Hire: This is good wine. Thanks Richard (of RBB).
Richard (of RBB): Glad you're enjoying it. It's a new boutique brand called a Cleanskin. Evidently it's very popular over at The Curmudgeon Inc.
The The The Guy: Well, The The it's The The working for The The me, Richard The The (of RBB). The The Cheers.
Richard (of RBB): It's pretty quiet around here. I haven't heard much from Robert or The Curmudgeon. I suspect an outside chair may have blown over again up north.

A very serious weather situation recently up north.
God, I hope The Curmudgeon is okay!
Angry Jesus: Those two guys need to harden up. Wait until all those Curmudgeons get to Hell!
Bin Hire: So, is Robert safe? Will he get into Heaven?
Angry Jesus: Yep, He's all booked in. Due date is about 2040.
The The The Guy: Gosh! That's The The a good The The inningsThe The The The The The The The!
Angry Jesus: Well, the rest of you should have listened to my word.
Richard (of RBB): Okay, I think we'll wrap it up there. Enjoy that fancy wine, my old friends. Keep your music practice up and play many gigs. Sorry for those of us who didn't make it into Heaven, but that's life.
Angry Jesus: Hey, Hell isn't as bad as it's made out to be. The booze is good!
Richard (of RBB): Thanks Angry Jesus and goodnight.
The The The Guy: Hey! What The The a The The fun night The The The The The The! Thanks Richard The The The The (of The The RBB)!

* the original bass bagging site

5 commenti:

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

Yes, proof that you should be drinking wine with labels on the bottles, and, the USA labels with the warnings against excessive consumption of alcohol.

Good night. Sleep (it off) well.

Richard (of RBB) ha detto...

So, things are very quiet over on the Inc. thing. You guys will be missing Robert.

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

"You guys will be missing Robert."

No, no - I have trophies for target shooting.

Robert ha detto...

Robert sat in the empty church. He kneeled and made the sign of the cross out of respect even though the people attending normally did not.
He did not pray for anyone.
He did not ask for money for himself.
He simply listened.
It is hard to listen.
After a few seconds, an eternity, he picked up the vacuum cleaner.
God had heard and talked.
Robert didn't know.

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

Lucky for Robert, when he bent down to pick up the vacuum cleaner the .303 bullet whistled over his head and didn't hit him between the shoulder blades where it was aimed at.
Robert didn't hear the sound the projectile made because his god was babbling in his ear.
Robert didn't know.