domenica 29 aprile 2018

Let's start today with a watercolour painting.

This lovely image of Venice was painted by a very good friend's mother. Wade is a master guitarist and it's not hard to see where he got his artistic genes from. I'll have to try and find this location when I'm in Venice in Octobre.

Talking of guitars, I have a little guitar gig at an open mic night concert this early evening. I set myself the task of practising guitar for about 25 hours in a week and a half to see how it would improve my playing. So far I've done 33 hours and will probably do one more before the concert.
I certainly got better, but then last Wednesday I seemed to get worse. I still haven't really recovered from the downward spiral.
I guess it will all come out in the gig, or it won't.

I think it's a head thing. I raised my expectations of my playing but maybe I lost sight of reality.

Ah well, it was an interesting challenge. Back to violin and double bass tomorrow.


34 hours done.

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Robert ha detto...
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THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

Do downward spirals make you dizzy? That could explain the 'head thing'.

Richard (of RBB) ha detto...

"Had to smile. The artist of the beautiful painting is just Wade's mother.
The pronoun "I" occurs eleven times thereafter.
Just saying."
Maybe because the blog is not called Wade's Mother's Bass Bag.*
Robert, we at Richard's Bass Bag have decided to put you on the RBB advisary committee - when we want your advice we'll ask for it.

* not the original bass bagging site

Richard (of RBB) ha detto...

"Do downward spirals make you dizzy? That could explain the 'head thing'."
I don't know but the gig went well.

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

That's good.
Practise makes purrfict.