sabato 5 maggio 2018

Health Crisis Hits Richard's Bass Bag.*

At a time when blogging is at a bit of a low ebb, RBB has been hit with another crisis.
Our leader has diagnosed with suspected Man Flu.
He is currently under survelance in the intensive care ward at Nuova Lazio Hospital.

Nuova Lazio Hospital

Due to doctor shortages in the area, ex science teacher and rubbish bin manager Bin Hire has been working at the hospital and was available for comment. Dr Bin Hire has a medical degree from Backshed School of Medicine in Littleswamp, Louisiana (down on the old Bayou).

Dr Bin Hire: "We're just pleased we got to him in time. He's showing quite a few symptoms that we associate with Man Flu. Runny nose, slight discomfort to the body, slightly sore throat and a cough. We take these symptoms very seriously because Man Flu can cause other complications, like sniffing in movie theatres, coughing over people on public transport and slightly loose bowels - not pleasant if one is out in public and not close to a toilet.
The good news is that Richard (of RBB)'s condition seems to be stable. Fortuntely parts of Nuova Lazio Hospital are used to store local horses, so he's definitely in the right place."

* * *

We're all keeping a close eye on developments and will certainly keep our readers posted.

This post was written by Dr Akish The Philistine for Richard's Bass Bag.*

"Yes, I do have a medical degree.
It's from Babylon."

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Robert ha detto...


Richard (of RBB) ha detto...

Well, there's a breakthrough. I got a comment from Robert but he said nothing.
I guess that at least he's not talking shit.

ex-Clive ha detto...

I told you it was a mistake to get that flu' vaccine! Not that I'm against vaccines - far from it - but the flu' vaccine seems to invariably give you a mild dose of what it's guarding you against. I never have the shot, and a lifetime of being exposed to school children and their germs seems to have protected me so far, should work for you too. But perhaps in a couple of months you'll be laughing at me as I take to my bed, declining offers from NLHS to augment my meagre pension, while you take all that offered relief work in full health.

Richard (of RBB) ha detto...

Ah well, I'm off Monday. There's a day for you, well fella.

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

Sorry to hear of the 'Man Flu' troubles. What's next ? A hurtee knee?