domenica 17 giugno 2018

I took one for the ABs last night.

Okay, Shelley got quite excited when the French scored a consolation try near the end of the test match last night. Women are like that, they sometimes don't see the big picture - the All Blacks scored four tries and won. It never really looked like they were going to lose.

That's not the All Blacks in blue and gold hoops.
We'd decided to catch a bus to Inferiore Hutto to have a pub tea (something with chips and a salad) and watch the rugby. Our scheduled bus didn't come, so I rang the bus company (their number was displayed at the bus stop). Eventually a guy answered and said that another bus company was taking over a lot of the services tomorrow so quite a few drivers hadn't shown up for work. 
"Fair enough." I said.
What else could I say?
We decided to change our plans (in case a lot of buses didn't show up) and visit a pub in Nuova Lazio - it would be possible to walk home from there if we had to. We got there to find that only the public bar was open and that there were no meals available.
Only bar snacks.
Fried food.

"You get no bread with one meatball."
You get no salad with bar snacks.

Still, it was food. The All Blacks won but everyone was complaining about a Frenchman being sent off. I was happy because the All Blacks won. Isn't that the point of sport?
If you don't want someone to win, go to a jazz club or go dancing, or something.
This morning I got an unexpected ring from Steve Hansen.

(All Blacks coach)

He said he was just ringing to thank me for my loyal support. He said that he had heard I had a bit of a rough road getting to see the match. I told him it was no problem and that things had ended positively.
"We'll take the win." I said.


5 commenti:

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

Robert had spare tickets to the game but was too arsed to go ( how unpatriotic is that?)

Robert ha detto...

It's a silly game. Grown men run around on a small field running into each other.
I refused to watch it and slept through it all.

Richard (of RBB) ha detto...

Well, that's rugby fucked. Hang on, I see a ray of light. Rugby may have survived Robert's comment.

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

You better ask Steve what he thinks about it next time he calls you.

Twisted Scottish Bastard ha detto...

I was at the match, but didn't enjoy it.
Not sure if the Frog deserved to be red-carded, but the rest of the game was dull.
Schoolboy errors from the ABs.

Sorry to hear about your poor meal and the fück-up with the bus service. You should have gone down to the Marae, and had a nice boil-up.