venerdì 6 luglio 2018

Friday and the last day of term.

I'm at NLHS today but at least it's the last day of term.
That means no more early phone calls for two weeks.

What relief teachers used in the 1990s.
There might be a morning tea too.
Those little hot pies (savouries) are always welcome on a cold day.
Some of the students will be extra silly today, but there you go.

I might go to the jazz jam on Sunday, if I get enough practice in.

Violin will be my weapon of choice.

I spent a bit of time yesterday (I was at RGC) checking out on line how to use the navigation thing in a Peugeot 208. When we arrive in Milano in late settembre I will need to be able to set this up fast. For some reason they only put a tiny amount of petrol in these leased cars and your first job is to find petrol quickly. It's like a game.

"I need gas."
So, there I will be at Malpensa airport (Milano), fortunately having spent a night in a hotel, getting into a car with the steering wheel on the wrong side, with the challenge of finding a petrol station quickly.
Ah well, I like a challenge.

I think I'll leave you there for this morning. I want to do a bit of violin practice before going to school, or I might do some double bass practice. I'll go to the bathroom first.


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