martedì 11 luglio 2017

First Test Tonight

The PBs play their first test at the Upper Hutt Folk Club tonight, before playing the second test in a week's time in that Hutt stronghold The Bluegrass Society.
Robert gets a start on violin and has mainly been picked for his sight reading and tone. He will need to put it together quickly as Easy Ridin' Bros is expected to be first up.
Utility player Daryl will start on clarinet. He seems to be recovering well from a squeaky reed, which is good news for the team. Expect to see a good game from the young accordion player if he can just concentrate on his playing and resist turning the bass up when he is in that role.
Chris will captain the side and will no doubt be trying to set up some strong tempos. Richard, known as a running bassist, will probably have to play in the tight tonight to keep his captain happy. Song singing duties will be handed to mandolinist Rod a lot tonight and expect to see Richard coming off the bench for some violin solos. It's a good guess that Robert will be called on to play a significant part in the last number Ashokan Farewell because there will be some 'tired old legs' out there and that could start to show at the 45 minute mark.
The PBs will need to settle quickly tonight. They could struggle to use the mics properly and, if they do, expect Chris to be handing out a few harsh words at half time.
Predictions are that it could be a close one tonight because the PBs are short on game time. Most commentators agree that it will come down to the tight five doing their job. 

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THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

Yes, yes but who will bring the oranges for half-time?

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

Hope it goes well tonight. Leave early because traffic will be bad.