venerdì 5 gennaio 2018

It wasn't hard to guess that the rain was coming.

It had been a dry, hot morning. Very calm.
After the weather had first hit yesterday.
Heavy rain now.
No flies for some reason.

You can read about Andrew the fly over on Angry Jesus' blog.
The rain sounded like a motorbike kicking into action as it developed from a few spits.
Now it's coming straight down, no wind to move it on.
The hard ground is no doubt putting up a fight, like a stroppy teenager trying to be da man.
No problem. The rain will just take its product elsewhere.
Water always finds its level.

Sounds like it is backing off a bit, or maybe not.
Plants won't be complaining.
No, it's still heavy.
Amplified by tin roofs, people hiding below.
Now there's thunder. Everyone wants in on the act.

The rain is constant, but there is almost a rhythm.
A fast 8 note rhythm - almost a Bossa Nova in there somewhere.
Now the drummer is taking a solo around the kit.
Playing with good time.

Bossa Nova

I don't know how this tune is going to end.
Maybe we'll get a thunder solo first.
One thing is for sure, no rain goes on forever.
There's only so long for a drum solo -
Before people get bored.

2 commenti:

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

Yes, we had that torrential rain yesterday and the day before.
We've had gale force winds for two days now as well. I hope you don't get those as well (remember those pine trees).

Robert ha detto...

Did you hear a new beat, maybe a tango?