martedì 16 gennaio 2018


We're off to the wire wrapper today.
(The Curmudgeon will remember that famous joke from Murray Roberts days)

The original 1970s joke was made
about brandy, but here's a champagne
that was made in the wire wrapper.
We're spending a night in Greytown.

An artist's impression of Greytown.

For those of you who are not familiar with these parts, the Wairarapa is an area just north of Wellington and the Hutt.

You go over a very big hill to get there, this hill is bigger than the Nuova Lazio hill. Much bigger.
Greytown is past Featherston and on the way to Masterton in an area that has lots of farms. Greytown has been made into a trendy little town with lots of clothing shops - The Curmudgeon loves clothing shops and shopping in general - read HERE.

We'll take a trip to Masterton and probably to Martinborough, where we he had lots of farming holidays when I was a kid.

* * *

I got an interesting email from Robert (the BB) last night. He'd probably had a few too many wines, but so had I, so no judgement there.
It was an unusual email but I won't go into detail. He was talking about the PBs.
My only gripe is that he misquoted me...
"Richard said "Life is easier without Robert and we do not miss him in the least!". "
This is not what I said. What I said was,
"It's easier for us too. A good decision on your part." 
It was written in reply to his comment,
"I hate to say it but  I was relieved to not have to attend a PB rehearsal!"
There was no reason for him to take a shot at the PBs as it was his decision to leave the band. I feel my reply was a justified retort.
There you have it.

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THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

It was Gilson brandy.

Martinborough does more wine now than farming.
Go to Ata Rangi and buy their Pinot Noir. It's the best in the country.
Note: If you ask for cleanskins - better run fast.

Have a good trip.

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

Do you think you should put out a public broadcast warning all drivers to avoid going over the Rimutaka Hill road until you've done your 40Kph trip?

Richard (of RBB) ha detto...

You make two good points.

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

Don't blow off in the car while crossing the Rimutukas........
....perhaps I should rephrase that as your flatulence is legendary ......
Be careful when driving over the Rimutukas if there is high wind. We have been having massive winds up here that may come down the country.
I remember when we were kids and dad would drive us all over to the Wairarapa to pick berry-fruit. One Sunday as we were returning in the Bedford truck the winds blew all the boxes of fruit off the truck deck.

Just saying.

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

So, I'm wondering. If you, El Capo, are away for a couple of days, who looks after the RBB enterprise?

Maybe it's time for Reacher, Humbert and Gardener to revisit and sort your bozos out.

Richard (of RBB) ha detto...

El is Spanish, you plonker.

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

Capo di tutti capi then.

So, how many cleanskin chardonnays have you had?

How's Wairarapa?

I don't have TV so don't see the news but I assume that there was a several hundred car tailback between Upper Hutt and Featherston.

Richard (of RBB) ha detto...

At the supermarket Shelley bought some expensive wine by mistake. $20.99 a bottle!

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...


THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

I take it that this 'expensive' bottle of wine had a label on it.
Also, it was in a bottle? Not a 3 litre cardboard cask?
It did come from the wine section? Not from the household cleaners aisle?