martedì 2 gennaio 2018

New practice schedule under way with a roar.

As you know, I have no new year resolutions. I just had a thought, in the back of my head, that I'd try to do a minimum of 20 minutes each most days on each of my three instruments. If it doesn't happen some days, no problem. Obviously, some days, one instrument will get a lot more than that - depending on what gigs might be coming up. The idea is for the three instruments to work as a team. 
Yesterday I did 30 minutes on each instrument - a very good start.
I don't get many gigs these days, though the PBs are getting back into practice mode and the Testore Trio will get going again soon too. I have an unwritten goal to keep each instrument match fit and ready for any situation that may arise. I also want each instrument to be ready to play solo for when spots might arise in concerts. This unwritten goal helps me to make practice relevant and focused.
Instead of the three instruments competing for my attention, they work together as a team.

There's no 'I' in 'team', but there often is
a jersey with the number '1' on it.

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