sabato 6 gennaio 2018

The Great Flood.

Noah was a righteous man and walked with God. Seeing that the earth was corrupt and filled with violence, God instructed Noah to build an ark in which he, his sons, and their wives, together with male and female of all living creatures, would be saved from the waters. "We'll start at New Zealand this time," God instructed. "And I'll make sure I wet that wanker Richard (of RBB) in Nuova Lazio."

It was Shelley who spotted the flood.

It was bed time for Richard (of RBB)
and he was a bit grumpy, but they both
went to work clearing mats and other stuff.

This all happened 'downstairs' in what
used to be the garage area, but had been 
converted many years ago into two rooms.
There had been lots of heavy rain. It was Shelley who found the probable cause.

Water was gushing out of a broken
downpipe and seeping inside,
so they made a temporary  repair.
This morning the situation will need assessing. In this warm weather the rugs should dry out pretty quickly. A dryer day today would help the cause. 

3 commenti:

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

Bugger. I know what that's like ( not buggery I hasten to add). We had a house where the basement room was prone to flooding. I blame Robert's god.
Hope it dries out soon. Good that you found the source

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

Well, good that Shelley found both the problem and the source. What were you doing?

THE WINE GUY ha detto...

I hope you saved the unicorns.