giovedì 11 gennaio 2018

The RBB News.

Here is the news read by Richard (of RBB).

Here in Nuova Lazio Richard (of RBB) is waiting to hear from a luthier to tell him that his bow has been successfull converted back to German.

Crowds of tourists were flocking to beaches near Whangerei after reported sightings of a great white whale.

It turns out that it was just some old blogger walking around naked. Offers of clothing have now come from many residents.

Moera residents join their neighbours over the hill in Nuova Lazio in being banned from certain motels and camping grounds after an incident on the Kapiti Coast where a man fueled by $30 worth of fish and chips was heard yelling at a twelve year old. "At least he was fully clothed." a police spokesman said. The man has since eaten porterhouse steak and is in a stable condition.

Police are asking people who may be staying with relatives or friends in the northern part of the country over summer to think twice before using the house's main toilet. A police spokesman said, "Generally houses up north have more than one toilet, which means that cross smells can be avoided."

Dinosaurs have been spotted in Fiordland.

Both scientists and religious people are very excited about this discovery. Famous American Christian / scientist* Darek Isaacs said from his home in the US that this could mean that the Earth (aka Jasper) is even younger.

"To squeeze things into the time frame we have now, what with the amazing discovery in Noo Zealand, we're probably looking at just 2,500 years since Adam and Eve."

And now for the weather.
Expect rain over most of the country. This will be good for bass practice. Up north people are advised to wear one layer, not because of an expected drop in temperature, but simply to stop tourists getting confused at what they are seeing.
Bin will be back with the news at midday. Until then, enjoy your Thursday.

* not to be confused with Christian Scientists because they're wacky

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THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

Fake news!

Richard (of RBB) ha detto...

Nope. Pretty much on the button. As are most things with the BBBs.

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

It's hot up here today.
I played tennis in the morning and have been gardening in the afternoon. I've just been for a long swim and am now wandering around au naturel. It's wonderful with a light breeze blowing through the swannicles!

Robert ha detto...

Glad you had a nice day but let the swan go please.

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

Thanks for that Robert - as concise and sensible as usual.

Hey! Where's Richard?
You know I'm beginning to suspect that this BBB or BBC or whatever might be becoming too much for the old guy (BTM).
He's not used to executive pressures having been a schoolteacher and stuff and might be wondering if he will still qualify for those 28 weeks of holidays a year that he's been used to along with the 25 hour working weeks.
He's a bit like Donald Trump having bit off more than he can chew.

What's the time? It's 7.10PM. like Trump he probably went to bed at 6.30.

With a cheeseburger.