sabato 3 febbraio 2018

Brutal Hails!

No, I'm not talking about the weather.
Brutal Hails is a Heavy Metal complement.

Brutal Hails! Though I must remember next 
time to keep the selfie stick out of shot.

Last night I went to see George's band play. They're called Scorn of Creation.

Someone with a big head was standing in front 
of my phone when I took this shot.

The feature band (Scorn of Creation) started playing just after midnight. I was cunning, so cunning that if you pinned a tail on me you could call me a weasel (thank you Blackadder), because I had a few hours sleep in the earlier evening. Some people who didn't think to do that were quite pissed by midnight. Heavy Metallers conjure up a certain image in some people's minds but, in reality, they're a nice bunch of people who like black clothes and a few rings and tats. This band is on the up and up at the moment and have released their debut CD. The guys in the band are all excellent musicians.

Here are the boys in action...

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THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

'Brutal Hails'?
Sounds like some sort of fascist crap.

I'm reading Robert Harris's 'Munich' at present and it's the sort of thing the SS morons would say.

- Just saying.

Richard (of RBB) ha detto...

Actually, it's no better nor worse than, "No worries" or "Not too bad" or "God loves you" or "Fuck off" or "The Hurricanes rule" or "He's a bad ass". For some reason that last one is a compliment.
It's just a saying that a group of people use when they are excited about their music. It is used to praise a particular group of musicians who are, well, 'brutal' in their playing - they have great chops (jazz terminology). These are good people (I've spent lots of time with them) and are in no way like facists. They are caring people. They have families, go to regular jobs through the day and are kind towards others (of any race or creed). Going to a metal gig is a lot safer than going into most public bars. There has been no feeling of agro at a metal gig that I've been to. Probably the vast majority are not Christians, which is a good thing. A very good thing. This is a music genre that is enjoyed by many people. There is a big misconception about metal among some people, which is caused, in part, by the vocal style and the scary pictures on CD covers. Like in any music genre, the people in the best bands are great musicians who take their craft very seriously. If you want to find self serving facists and evil, check out big business. Check out psycopaths in political power. These people are of no threat to anyone, except those who are frightened of the music (Is it the use of the Devil's Interval that still does this?), and deserve to be left out of silly claims about facism and such things. My son plays metal. He, like other musos in his circle, also plays jazz, rock and other styles. He is a caring and sensitive young man who contributes well to society. I guess I resent him and his mates being called facists because it simply is not true. I thought we'd all grown up about music. The devil's interval is actually an augmented 4th and is very popular in jazz (probably the most important intervel in jazz). It also pops up in The Simpsons theme. Well, there you go.

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

Yeah, nice long admonition there but I'd already posted about 'Vive La Difference' as a kind of retraction.

Richard (of RBB) ha detto...

Ha ha!