giovedì 22 febbraio 2018

The Curmudgeon goes too far when he challenges the authenticity of Richard's Bass Bag.*

This man has gone too far!

Dear much loved readers (except for The Curmudgeon), your favourite blog has been slighted.
The Curmudgeon (one of many Curmudgeons at The Curmudgeon Inc.) writes,
"And, while we're here I contest that "original bass bagging site" claim. Wasn't there some guy by the name of Ben or Ken who created the original. Maybe the Curmudgeon's Inc. coud 'fact check' that."

I think he's talking about a site (not a blog) called Ken's Corner. There are quite a few bass sites on the internet, there may be some blogs too for all I know.
Richard's Bass Bag* is unique in that it invented the concept of bass bagging.
Bass bagging is a coloquial term that was invented right here on this blog. You won't find a definition in the Oxford Dictionary.
It's like when an Italian says, "A mia volta."
This literally means in my turn but, to an Italian, it has subtle overtones.

Bass bagging is a term with subtle hidden meanings.
Bass bagging:
  • To do things that bring safety to basses (putting a double bass in a bag to take it somewhere).
  • Telling tales about basses or other instruments that Richard (of RBB) plays.
  • 'Bagging' someone (in a big bag, big enough for a double bass) for talking nonsense.
  • Telling humerous tales - throwing ideas into the bag.

Any explanation of bass bagging is
going to be complicated.

Any explanation of bass bagging is going to be complicated and I think The Curmudgeon realises that. In reality he is simply trying to cover up his mistake in reference to who can use the Prowse surname.

Richard Prouse Park in Nuova Lazio.

Okay The Curmudgeon, in his desperate to save face moment, will notice the spelling of the park's name - Prouse instead of Prowse. In actual fact these two spellings were often interchanged in past times. No big deal.

A big deal.

We at Richard's Bass Bag* take huge pride in the traditions that this blog has created. We find The Curmudgeon's comment offensive and WE DEMAND AN APOLOGY!

* the original bass bagging site

4 commenti:

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

Yeah, yeah, forget about all that nonsense and listen up.

I received an alert that someone commented on one of my old posts about St Pats.

Go to link here:

Obviously one of our contemporaries.

Richard (of RBB) ha detto...

A guy with a lot of time to read blogs.

Anonimo ha detto...

#1) Please keep religion OUT of your posts, We do not want to stir anything up.

#2) WHO are you talking to? Usually in a Forum a person makes a statement or asks a question. THEN, he/you should wait for a reply.

Seems to me like you are writing an on-line book about your daily life. Will this go 30-50 posts a month of just you talking to yourself?

Please go back if you can and try using the edit button to clean up your posts just a little.. please, thx.

- Ken

Richard (of RBB) ha detto...

Very funny. That's where my blog grew from.