mercoledì 14 marzo 2018


The past has gone and cannot be altered, so we have to live with it.
The future is not written yet, it is but a mere prediction or a guess, on our part, based on what seems a logical outcome of the present moving forward.
It is now where we live.

Now asks little of us but we keep comparing it to what has been and what we think is coming.

The PBs played well tonight in difficult circumstances:
  • We played at the end of a long evening when people were thinking about going home.
  • The sound in the hall was like a big echo.
  • The stage made it hard to balance instruments and was very hot - the violin didn't like that.
Still, we did the job - well done PBs.

I'm not working tomorrow and intend to spend most of the day with my violin.

Violin? Just in case.
As you regular readers know, I've been working on speaking Italian for quite a while. I speak English too - quite well, in fact. This week, as I spent a lot of time writing Irish music charts, I realised that I also read and speak Music pretty well. Though, I guess the trick with the Music language is to listen well. I plan to really listen to how my violin speaks tomorrow.

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THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...


The Violin: Hi Richard.
Richard: WHat the fuck!
The Violin: Hey, watch the language there pal.
Richard: Sorry but you gave me a bit of a start there.
The Violin: Well you always needed a head start ........ ha ha ha ha.
Richard: oK smararse, what do you want?
The Violin: Nothing really. You wanted to know what I'd say to you today if I was talking to you. I said 'Hi' that's all.
Richard: OK, don't get sulky I ......... shh, Shelley's coming. I don't want her to hear me talking to you. She thinks I'm weird enough as it is.
The Violin:
Richard: Hey, are you there?
The Violin:
Richard: Cazzo!
Shelley: What's that Ricardo?
Richard: I said Coffee my love.

Richard (of RBB) ha detto...

No silly, the violin talks music. Just like an Italian talks Italian. Though I guess some Italians talk English.

THE WINE GUY ha detto...

All Italians talk loud.