martedì 3 aprile 2018

The battle of Richard's Bass Bag's* Backyard.

Biologists know them as waspus flius and in Italy they named a motor scooter after them.

There are many varieties but it appears it is the German wasps that give people a run for their money.

"Vee are here vor to eat your grapes."

Our grape vine was very successful and produced many grapes but then the German army arrived.

"Tell zee Komandant zat vee have
found many grapes at zee hausen ov
zee baze baggen mann."
There was little we could do. The wasps seemed to get drunk on the grapes and some turned their thoughts to raping and pillaging. We have had to shut all of our windows to keep them out.

"Head for the open windows!"

So we made a decision to remove the two vines in our backyard. I sneaked out early one morning and cut the two vines at their trunks. They started to die rather quickly, but the wasps still came. I started carefully cutting bits down. As the grapes start to decay the wasps will go.

We're getting there but it's not yet
'All Quiet on the Western Front'.
I'll be getting on to Bin Hire to drop off one of his bins shortly. I also need to trim some trees.

We've kept a smaller vine around the side of the house but hopefully this will be an end to the annual invasion.

* the original bass bagging site

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