venerdì 15 giugno 2018

Friday is the new Saturday.

I've had the last two Saturdays off work - you can swing this when you're a daily relief teacher.
I relieve at two schools - Nuova Lazio High School and Roma Girls' College. The girls at Roma Girls' College are very well behaved, to the point that it is a long day sitting around. Things are a little more exciting at NLHS.

Reliever at RGC.
Presently at RGC all the year 9 classes are going on Science* trips. There are evidently nine year 9 classes - it's a big school. Yesterday a science teacher and two of us relievers took 57 little girls to Il Papa and the planetarium in Chalberno. So this long line of little girls wove their way across the city of Roma led by the science teacher, with me in the middle and the other reliever at the back. Crossing roads was difficult because we made a long line, like an army.

Getting the tail end across was a bit scary at times.
Most of the girls were not very big but, as a 57 strong mass, they seemed to own the footpath and swept other pedestrians aside.
We made it to our first destination (Il Papa) and, once the girls had been given worksheets to complete, we three teachers settled down with a coffee to chat. Easy work.

The only real drama occured as we made the trip from the waterfront to the cable car that was to take us to Chalberno. The science teacher, who was our leader, didn't seem to have a very good knowledge of Roma streets and led our party in a circle that seemed to take us across most of the busiest roads in the area. We finished up virtually where we had started on the waterfront. Still, no girls were lost or run over.

The planetarium was very interesting and I'd advise anyone to visit it. I'm doing the same trip on Monday with some different classes.

Okay, I hear you all saying, "This is all very interesting Richard (of RBB) but we want an update on the music practice!"

Sorry. I will give you more details later.

Suffice to say that I'll be hard at it again today - on this day that feels like a Saturday to a relief teacher who is having the day at home.

* that subject that makes more sense than Religion

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THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

"Okay, I hear you all saying, "This is all very interesting Richard (of RBB) but we want an update on the music practice!""

No, you didn't hear that.

Richard (of RBB) ha detto...

I'm pretty sure I did. Was it TSB?

Twisted Scottish Bastard ha detto...

Strange, I never used to allow relievers to be part of trips. Too much risk of things going wrong.

And no, I didn't make that comment about music updates.

Robert ha detto...

"they seemed to own the footpath and swept other pedestrians aside"
That's an interesting phenomena I experience at Weltec occasionally.
It's fun to cross the group at right angles if very brave. It's like "How dare you, can not you see we are a group"
On a similar vain why is it intimidating to walk between a group of students sitting either side in a corridor?
My mental strategy now is to see each of the students as individuals and imagine each thinking
"oh my gosh I have all these other students around me and here comes a cleaner as well!"

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...

Yeah, mental.

Robert ha detto...

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control. The nine fruits of the Spirit.

Richard (of RBB) ha detto...

I think you have to have ten things in a list.

THE CURMUDGEON ha detto...


Valley Girl ha detto...

That photo of the sleeping teacher reminds me of a scene I witnessed in my first teaching job. I heard a hell of a racket coming from an adjoining classroom. Upon investigation as in peering through the glass window in the door I saw the kids in the class going feral. Throwing paper darts and rubbish at the front of the room and at the relief teacher sitting at his desk. He was fast asleep!! Either that or dead. I hastily retreated.