mercoledì 18 luglio 2018

Welcome back Robert.

Link reinstalled and let's hope that Sue is fit and well soon.

I went into Roma to see Rod do his solo gig tonight.

Well done Rod - a great gig!
I have some videos, but I haven't had much luck posting videos since I got my new phone.

It was a long ride home, probably about the same time that The Curmudgeon spent in that huge plane going to Aussie. I had to wait at a very cold bus stop near Inferiore Hutto for about 45 minutes.

There we have it, it's getting late and there is practice to be done tomorrow.

Sleep well, wherever you are, and best wishes to Rob's Sue (as we in the family call her).


I'm going into Roma later today to hear brother Rod play his first solo gig.


brother Rod
Solo gigs are certainly a challenge, and they can be lonely - there's no one up there with you to feed off. I guess you have to feel ready and believe in yourself. Presentation is an important part - overcoming your fears.
I'm sure Rod will do fine.

* * *

Okay, back to me and my practice.
I've also applied for a solo gig - playing violin in a restaurant (Italian) in Inferiore Hutto. I've done lots of practice, so if I get the gig, I'll be ready with a few tricks up my sleeve - but I certainly know how Rod will be feeling today.
Friday is the first practice for Anything Goes. That's a double bass gig.
I'm also practising a lot of guitar because that's the instrument I'll be playing in Italia - it's too tricky to get a violin onto the plane so I'll buy a cheap practice guitar when I get there. My mate Antonio has a friend whose father is a blues guitarist so it's possible that there could be a bit of a jam. That will be somewhere near Monteforte d'Alpone - the good musician gets ready for such things by doing lots of practice.

Monteforte d'Alpone

So I'm off to do you know what. I'll start with an hour on the guitar.
Enjoy your day.
The Curmudgeon promises to post today.
No news from Robert.

martedì 17 luglio 2018

Robert, Robert, Robert.

Some things are useless, some things are annoying and some things just make no sense.



makes no sense

Robert has deleted his blog again. He does it pretty regularly. I guess he is entitled to.
Every time it returns, normally with a different name, I go to the trouble of adding it to our famous LINKS service.

Well, those days are over.


I don't know why we needed a horse in this picture.
If Robert shows up again, and he will, as a comment on this blog, just click on his name and that will take you to his latest (temporary) blog.

If Sister Joachim was still around,
she'd hit him with a ruler.

lunedì 16 luglio 2018

Practice Time

The Testore Trio has a practice tomorrow. We've done away with the black shirt photos because people said they made us look like facists.

Guitarist Wade was more worried that the shirt wasn't up to his high dress standard.
I can't show his photo here because people might think that he's shopping for shirts at Italian op shops - he likes a close fitting shirt.

So we'll be going for a more 'mixed up' and a less 'uniform' approach on our next gig.

The four suggested uniforms below have all been dropped from contention as well.

 I guess we'll just concentrate on the music.

domenica 15 luglio 2018

Everybody has buggered off.

TSB is in Scotland, The Curmudgeon is in Aussie and Robert has deleted all his posts (again).

Don't worry, Richard's Bass Bag* is always here for you.


* the original bass bagging site

giovedì 12 luglio 2018


I watched a film in Italian last night, I've watched quite a few lately.

Action movies are the easiest to understand because there's less dialogue and a lot of action. Last night I watched Unknown.

senza identità


I listen to Radio 24 a lot in my car. Radio is hard to understand, but you do pick up tell tale words like Trump, Europa and calcio (soccer).
I try to talk as much Italian as I can as I go through my daily life.
I say spingere as I push a door open, andiamo when I'm heading off somewhere with someone, mi ne frega if I really don't care about something and grazie mille as a sign of thanks. I also say pronto when I answer the telephone.

Learning a language is a big job and you have to make it part of your daily life. It is easier to speak another language when you are relaxed (try speaking another language after two glasses of Chardonnay), this is why children seem to do so well with languages - they don't care about mistakes and when they don't know a word they just make one up.

Okay, I know you probably didn't watch the entire trailer for Unknown but watch it now and see how much you can understand.

I'm off to do some practice.

mercoledì 11 luglio 2018

My dad could beat your dad in a fight.

Have you ever noticed that, when The Curmudgeon whinges and moans, he sounds like a school boy? Sometimes he even claims that words are spelt incorrectly.

"Our house is bigger 
than your house."
Have you noticed that all those people at The Curmudgeon Ink never all post at once?
If you want exaggeration, The Curmudgeon Ink is a series of posts you should check out.

"We had a huge storm last night and this outside
chair was blown over!"
What gets me is that Robert works hard to support this old age pensioner by paying taxes and all he seems to do is play tennis, fall down banks at golf clubs (probably pissed) and post pathetic little blog posts.


I guess what really gets to me is that, while he's doing all this, I'm busy practising my instruments, writing quality posts, drinking Chardonnay and taking pictures of my two German bows.

Aren't they cute!

I guess that what I'm trying to say is that The Curmudgeon needs one thing in his life...


Substance is why the posts that come out of Richard's Bass Bag* are so enjoyed by people of all ages, beliefs and sizes.

Okay, I'm off to do more amazing things - like practise my violin and make dinner for Shelley - lucky woman!

See you later when I'm not so busy.

* the original bass bagging site