martedì 25 aprile 2017


Two gigs done - two dawn parades.
The green trumpet did a very good job.

The last gig is at 11am. The last The Last Post for today and also a violen duet, with an ex student, for the laying of wreaths. We're doing a medley of Abide With Me, Hine E Hine and Now Is The Hour. We had a practice yesterday - very short notice after the local choir pulled out.

Later that samwe day...
2.07pm. About to head off to do Last Post No 4. This will be the last Last Post for today, and not the one at 11am.

That's the Petone rugby team in the background.

domenica 23 aprile 2017

Caution surface may be slippery.

We went for a walk on the Wellington waterfront today. This sign read, "Caution surface may be slippery." "Caution surface may be very wet." might have been more accurate.

However, it was a beautiful day and we walked for over an hour - very pleasant. I took a few pictures. Unfortunately there are no pictures of windows, but WGAF.

There's a ship out there somewhere.

Then we went to a little Italian wine shop in Petone. Really great people and a fair bit of Italian was spoken.
I bought this bottle.

Now I am a little bit pissed. Ma chiva piano va sano e va lontano.
Buonanotte aimci.

sabato 22 aprile 2017

A message from our CEO - Richard (of RBB).

Richard (of RBB)
Hello and welcome back to the bag. It's been quite a busy week. During the week I helped my son George (of RBB) check out a motorcycle. 

Suzuki 250
I told George (of RBB) that I was happy to drive the bike down to get a warrant and later drive it home. I reminded him of my vast riding experience (back in the 1970s). I got on the bike and found it a bit different to those great bikes they made in the 70s. He was following behind in my car and was not impressed by my riding skills - indercators going left, right and centre, a wobbly bike that moved in jerks and was holding up a lot of traffic. I gave up and headed back to the vendor's house. Fortunately he was a gay guy and I suspected he'd be more sympathetic to my bumbling skills than some big macho biking guy. He was very nice to me, though I did suspect a smirk or two. The vendor finished up riding the bike down for the warrant and I was relieved of duty. I suspect it was the bike's fault.
For the last two days, since my return to riding motorcycles, I've had very sore legs and have struggled to get into my car. Old age, as they say, is not for sissies.

Here's a window to keep The Curmudgeon and Robert happy.

I've just fitted this into the back of our house.
Well that's it from me on this sunny Saturday afternoon.

venerdì 21 aprile 2017


There's been a fair bit of pressure put on us at Richard's Bass Bag* to share the trend started by that old fellow The Curmudgeon and do a post on windows.
Sorry to anyone who dies of boredom. I promise that this will be a one off post.

Okay, here we go...

If I sit at my computer and turn my head to the left I see this window.
Windows have two main functions:
  • You can look through them and
  • They let light in.
This is a one function window.

It has a 'I belong to this house' feature in that it is similar to the window in the bathroom.

I'm talking about the little bumpy bits on the glass. The bathroom window has an added feature in that it can open to let bad smells out. Handy.

This next window is also near the computer.

It's a handy window because, if you're using the computer, you can simply look up to see if it is night or day, raining or sunny. Uncle Steve put this window in when we converted the garages into much needed rooms.

The laundry window is also a very handy window because the pipe thingy from the dryer dangles out through its opening.

The plants in the picture probably have some complicated Latin name like Geranus Verusbiggus.

This next window is the window to use if you want to view the Richard's Bass Bag* company vehicle.

If you look out the front window of the Richard's Bass Bag* offices, you see vegetation.

This is why it is often referred to, in conversation, as the vegetation window.

I'm talking now to anyone who is still awake.
I hope you enjoyed this tour of some of our windows. If for some reason you have a windows fetish, you might find relief by visiting The Curmudgeon's bleak little blog - HERE.
Or, I suppose, you could get help - HERE.


* the original bass bagging site

giovedì 20 aprile 2017

Nearly that time again.

Anzac day is the day I do three trumpet gigs. My only other trumpet gig is on that day celebrating the end of one of the big wars - I can't remember what it's called.
Anyway, on these two days I get to play the Last Post & Reveille in Nuova Lazio.
This year I'll be using my plastic trumpet with Nuova Lazio colours.

I only really practise when one of my two gigs is approaching. It's a solo gig in front of quite a few people, so it's nice to get it right.

lunedì 17 aprile 2017

My two double bass bows.

I've changed my older bow back to French, so I now have a German and a French. Life is fun!

Good Monday.

The final day of Pasqua for 2017.
All credit to Jesus, as Sean used to say, for getting a lot of people the day off work.

"All credit to Jesus."

I'll continue with my slow bass practice today and will also try to put in a bit of quality time on my violin. There's a jazz jam on in town and I'm tempted to go (con violin).
We'll see how the day pans out.

731 consecutive days of Duolingo today - that's two years (including one leap year).

For those of you who don't know, Duolingo is a language learning program.

I can now say things like...
Egli dormi per più di diece ore   or
Approfitteremo della loro assenza.

Well, I'm off now.
Ciao, ciao.