mercoledì 29 giugno 2016

Where have all the flowers gone?

Long time passing?

I have sore ears and I'm a little bit worried.
It's caused by my work at a book shop.

That's a worrying thing for a musician.
Especially since, if I live until the age of retirement, those ears could earn me a few bucks.
Imagine if, when I retire, I can't hear music or Italian.

I'm taking ear muffs to the bookshop tomorrow, along with a lot of varieties of ear plugs.

lunedì 27 giugno 2016

Is disappointment possible after death?

Some people are going to be disappointed after they die. That's for damn sure.
 It's a simple fact that all religions can't be right. I guess that, if the atheists are right, at least all the god botherers won't really know about it. If the poor old atheists are wrong they won't be so lucky.
Atheists who live a good life and then discover that people like Mr Flowery Mouth Aiden Tozer were in fact correct will not be in a good situation.
The Muslems won't want them - that would be putting too much pressure on their celestial virgin supplies.

Or maybe that won't prove to be such a bad thing if both the Muslems and Catholics are in Heaven and sort of sharing?

If it's a totally Catholic Heaven that's true, good atheists will come up against the if you want to be saved you must adore me clause.

"You'd better damn well
adore me!"

Atheists obviously didn't buy into that clause.

So, what is the best outcome for the largest number of people? Eternal bliss for some or, zap, it's all over for everyone!
Given that there are so many different opinions of what happens after death, I think that the zap outcome is probably the fairest.

domenica 26 giugno 2016

Conversations with a dead guy.

I see that Bin Hire is still locked in conversation with a dead guy - HERE.

Aiden Tozer - a dead guy who uses flowery language.
Don't expect an outcome. In discussions like this no one ever says, "Oops, you've got me there."
I guess my only question to Mr Tozer would be, "If Heaven is so damn good, what are you doing back here arguing?"

Here's a little quiz. Which one of these is the real Heaven?






CLUE: It's not No 5.

sabato 25 giugno 2016

Over at Bin's.

Sorry, I'm not in this morning. I'm guesting on a show over at Bin's Bass Bag.

You can catch up with me - HERE.

Enjoy your Saturday.

giovedì 23 giugno 2016

Chapter 2.

Just trying to understand Second's latest posts.
After all, I know that The Curmudgeon is really into them.

They seem to be written by a guy named A Tozer.
Good old Robert is certainly a fan of his writing.
Chapter 2 starts with,
"God Incomprehensible Lord, how great is our dilemma! In Thy Presence silence best becomes us, but love inflames our hearts and constrains us to speak.
Were we to hold our peace the stones would cry out; yet if we speak, what shall we say?"

Okay, I'm not the sharpest stone laying near the river, but I don't understand a word of that.

The first three words look like a title - God Incomprehensible Lord. Note the capital letters.
Personally, I would have inserted a comma before 'Incomprehensible'.
'Incomprehensible' seems to mean not able to be understood or intelligable.

So Mr Tozer thinks that this god is working on a higher level and we just can't understand.

How great is our dilemma!
Obviously meant as a statement and not a question.
A question mark could have maye worked better.

In Thy Presence silence best becomes us, but love inflames our hearts and constrains us to speak.
The 'Thy' is a bit of a give away. Andrew, or whatever his first name is, is obviously already on the team. He already knows stuff from the inside. Maybe he's a sort of apostle?

Were we to hold our peace the stones would cry out; yet if we speak, what shall we say?"
The stones would cry out? Was he talking about The Rolling Stones? Stones on a river bed normally say nothing. I've checked them out.
The stones thing is probably a metaphor. Metaphors are great, but they have a downside of making it sound like you haven't really got a concrete arguement - so you resort to saying vague things that are open to interpretation. Hopefully they fall on your side of the discussion. It's usually a roll of a dice to who comes out looking better. Unless you are talking to really dumb people.

Who knows?
Maybe Second will enlighten us?

mercoledì 22 giugno 2016

There are 68 lesson groups in Duolingo's Italian course.

I've done them all, but you have to keep repeating the old ones. My goal is to have every lesson completed at one time. I'm now 4 lesson groups away from achieving this.
Tonight's goal is to complete this challenge.

martedì 21 giugno 2016

An error?

Man of Errors seems to have locked up.
Well, I can't really blame him after my need to delete episode a little while back.
He locked up once before and I posted about it, but I can't recall my post because that's gone too.

Images of him still pop up - like this one.

It's a bit like Jack Reacher in the end. If he doesn't want to be found that's his business.
Good on you Jy.
Expect the best but plan for the worst.

lunedì 20 giugno 2016

Priority tonight - bass practice.

Long hard day and it's good to be home.

Dinner is cooking.

Time to think of bass practice.

Con arco per l'orchestra.

domenica 19 giugno 2016

Sunday Morning At Richard's Bass Bag.*

Sunday morning can't really compete with Saturday morning, so don't expect too much from this post.
I sat down to watch the All Blacks (delayed coverage) on Prime last night. A big sign came up saying that the channel had changed its location. Our TV is getting a bit old and resetting it is a bit of a puzzle, so I went to bed early and grumpy.
Sometimes it feels like the All Blacks don't want anyone to watch them.
Now I'm up early because I loaded Skype onto my new phone and some woman with a name like Linda.Cuddles rang me at 6am.
I blocked Linda, set my phone on charge and headed to the computer to see if any of my Italian buddies were on Skype. We generally talk on a Sunday morning, but daylight saving in both countries has buggered up the times - 7am in NZ is now 9pm in italia. This means that, if I want to talk, I have to get up early.
So here I am, thanks to Linda.Cuddles, and no one's around.
Except for you lot, of course.
You're always here waiting.

Thanks for that.

I changed the strings on my violin yesterday. I had a set of Tonicas in my case and I thought I had an EP golden E, but I didn't. I was very lucky to get an Olive golden E from Wellington. The Olive is the only golden E I've come across that actually looks golden. The others look silver for some reason.

Olive golden E.
The violin is settling in with its new strings.

I have a concert with the Wellington Chamber Orchesra in a couple of weeks, so I must get in some serious bass practice today. We've got that big long symphony by Schubert to play and only two Tuesday practices left.

See you soon. Ciao.

And finally, a little request...

I have a friend named Bin Hire who is getting back into blogging and would appreciate a few regular visits to his site. You can use our LINKS service to get to his blog.

* the original bass bagging site

sabato 18 giugno 2016

Saturday Morning Live At Richard's Bass Bag.*

Richard (of RBB): Hi everyone and welcome to Saturday Morning Live At Richard's Bass Bag* - a pretty popular show!
We've got Angry Jesus and Bin Hire with us this morning. Please make them feel welcome.
[enthusiastic taped clapping]

Bin Hire: Thank you.
Angry Jesus: Yeah, thanks.
Richard (of RBB): So, what's new with you fellas?
Bin Hire: Business as usual really. I'm doing quite a bit of double bass practice.
Angry Jesus: I think I might be losing my faith.
[There is a feeling of stunned silence in the studio]
Richard (of RBB): How can that be?
Angry Jesus: Don't know. I guess sometimes it's hard to make things add up.
Bin Hire: But you've been to Heaven; you know it's there. Your dad's there.
Angry Jesus: Well it could all be made up - this is a blog after all.
Richard (of RBB): But look at what happened to the NLHS posts. Dreams really can come true. You're Angry Jesus, the Son of God. That's your role. You can't just stop believing. Our ratings could drop.
Angry Jesus: I didn't say I'd stopped believing. Well, not completely anyway. Just having a few doubts. I mean, sometimes things make me so bloody angry. Things really piss me off.
Bin Hire: Think about your supporters. Second Fiddle really needs you. Okay I know The Curmudgeon doesn't have much time for you...
Angry Jesus: [interrupting] And that's why he's going to Hell! Hey, I feel better already! Hell is such a cool place!
Richard (of RBB): Isn't it supposed to be hot?
Angry Jesus: Yeah, whatever.
Bin Hire: So what is Hell really like?
Angry Jesus: You'll find out soon enough.
Richard (of RBB): [to Bin] I think we're both booked in if the stuff Angry Jesus says is true.
Angry Jesus: I feel my faith coming back.
Bin Hire: So three fellow bloggers are going to Hell and you're happy again?
Angry Jesus: Um, yep. I guess so. Thanks for cheering me up fellas. Where's the coffee?
[Richard (of RBB) heads off to sort out the coffee]
Bin Hire: I hear that Richard (of RBB) is changing his violin strings today.
Angry Jesus: Sshhh! Don't start him on that.
[Richard (of RBB) returns with coffee on a tray]
Richard (of RBB): Help youselves fellas. I managed to get an Olive golden E string yesterday. I'm changing my strings later this morning.
Bin Hire: Ah, those Olives look so cool! They're the only golden E strings I've seen that actually look golden.
Richard (of RBB): I had a bit of trouble finding a golden E, so I was really happy when I found one in Wellington. My string change is well overdue.
Angry Jesus: [under his breath] Yawn.
Bin Hire: So, are you staying with the Tonicas for the other three strings?
Richard (of RBB): Yep, I already have a set and they've served me well.
Angry Jesus: I think I might be losing my faith.
Bin Hire: You're only saying that to get the conversation back onto you.
Angry Jesus: Ah well, it was worth a try.
Richard (of RBB): Okay, we'll have to wrap things up there. I've got Italian practice to do and strings to change. Thanks to my two guests and thanks to everyone who took the time to pop into the original bass bagging site. Ciao.

* the original bass bagging site

mercoledì 15 giugno 2016

Post No 2.

It seems strange to be writing post no 2 on a blog that started around 2007.
I literally deleted thousands of posts - thoughts, memories of special events on my life line, and just little things I wanted to share. Sometimes (okay, often) I wrote silly things just for the sake of it. I wrote a lot of stuff about music. I think my friend The Curmudgeon really enjoyed the posts about double bass playing.
So why did I delete all those posts?
If I had my time again I wouldn't.
On two seperate occasons I dropped my guard and posted about my life at NLHS.
Nuova Lazio is a place that I invented - I like renaming things. I think that no name is too important that it can't be updated once in a while. Nuova Lazio is my personal connection to my spiritual home Italia.
I've never been to Italia and maybe I'll never make it there, but that's actually okay.
As Tony Clear used to quote, "Not sky, but mind you ought to change."
The original saying was in Latin.
I don't speak Latin, but I'm not too bad at Italian.
I am, as Jaco Pastorius used to say, formally self taught.

"Man I like to say that I'm formally self taught."

Someone in a HS a little north of Nuova Lazio stumbled on these posts and it was decided that they should be sent to il mio capo.
These posts were expressions of the hardships one sometimes endures in one's posto di lavoro and were really nothing more.
Very early on Monday morning I found an email and realised (or imagined) that I could be about to face un mucchio di merda.
This blog nearly ended but that would have been too much to bear so I deleted all of my posts.
I guess I was a little stressed at that moment. NLHS (remember that this is a place I made up and does not exist in reality) does seem to have the ability to produce a little stress at times.

So I deleted all my posts.
They're gone now and I will really miss some of them because they came from me.
I guess that's how life sometimes works.

Anyway, onwards and upwards, Richard's Bass Bag* has a lot more to bring you. There are upcoming articles on exciting subjects like
  • Just how should I bow that bass?
  • Know your violin chords.
  • Aunty comes for a ride.
  • Is physics just a  myth?
And, of course, we'll be bringing back the ever popular show Saturday Morning Live At Richard's Bass Bag*!

So don't despair, valued reader, the light at Richard's Bass Bag* is burning bright.

* the original bass bagging site

lunedì 13 giugno 2016

Come Roberto comincio di nuovo.

Un nuovo inizio come Roberto. A volte le cose sono necessarie. Ricorda - chi va piano va sano e va lontano. A volte le cose sono in mezzo, come il prezzemolo. Ciao.